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Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to bend steel in their bare hands! It’s not Superman, but close! It’s Fitness Tech – the conference and exhibit area at the 2015 International CES. At our exhibit area and day-long conference, you’ll immerse yourself in technology to let you train better, play harder, run faster, stay fit and stay safer. The quantified self, the ability to monitor the inputs and outputs of your body, are at the heart of this revolution. And Fitness Tech has been there from the start helping the industry unlock the potential to spread the fitness tech gospel.

Now in its 5th year at CES, Fitness Tech brings top celebrities and trainers as well as the newest gear and gadgets all to keep you healthier and in better shape. Our signature Battle of the Bands puts the new crop of fitness devices to the test, and our Fitness App Showdown looks for the hottest newcomer.

Growing by Leaps and Bounds

More than 17 million wearable devices will be sold in 2014. Wearable fitness devices are expected to top $1.2 billion in sales. For health conscious people, devices that help quantify everything from walking to swimming to muscle tone are the “it” items to own. From gym training floors to social networks to corporate America — fitness and tech are becoming more closely aligned than ever.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, someone looking or to shed a few pounds or someone who is interested in being a part of this amazing new marketplace, Fitness Tech is where you’ve got to be.

It’s a jam-packed day that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the conference programming.

  • Next Generation Predictive devices: Those simple step trackers have evolved and now they can tell you not only that you are exercising but when to exercise, what exercise is best for your metabolism and how much exercise you need to maintain and improve your degree of fitness.
  • Healthy Tracking - Fitness device companies are teaming up with Insurance companies and corporate America to keep Healthcare costs down and employee performance at a maximum which opens up a whole new set of challenges. We are taking a look at how these newly formed partnerships are maximizing your data, protecting your privacy and keeping insurance costs manageable.
  • Elite Fitness Training:  We are asking the experts how they are getting their clients and teams into the best shape possible through data collection and technology based training.
  • Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Performance:  Extreme workouts need protective gear. Technology is helping to create the devices that are both raising our awareness and keeping us safe so that we can perform at our peak capabilities.
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter and Indigogo have created a new generation of start-ups in the FitnessTech industry. We’ll take a look who has been successful, how they did it and how crowd funding is changing the playing field.
  • Off the Rack and into the Gym-  New fabrics and embedded sensors in our workout gear can measure everything from steps taken to calories burned, heart rate and even provide a personal coach.  The new wearable tech market is designed to  make us run faster, jump higher all while staying sweat free.
  • Health Clubs/Personal Training:  Emerging technology has created a new world for personal trainers, health clubs and the companies who make the equipment.  We are going to talk about how these new technologies are creating a more open and fun-filled work out environment whether its at home or in the gym.
  • Swimming in the Shark Tank: Pitch the perfect sports/fitness app to a VC or a panel of judges. May the best app win!

Opportunities are still available to participate in the 2015 FitnessTech Summit and Exhibit, Please contact

Next stop, Vegas! Stay fit my friend!

2015 Information


Fitness Tech,
a conference plus
four days of exhibition


At the Sands Expo Center, International Consumer Electronics
Show in Las Vegas, NV

Conference: Venetian, Level 2, Bellini Room #2004


Exhibit : Jan 6-9, 2015

Conference : Jan 6, 2015


tel: (800) 553-2399




2014 Speakers

Eric Adams

Technology Director
Men's Health

Judd Armstrong

Founder and CEO

Bruce Borenstein

President and CEO

Dan Botwinick

VP, Marketing and Program Development

Christopher Boyce

Virgin Pulse

Walter De Brouwer

Founder and CEO

Stacey Burr

VP Wearable Sports Electronics

Juliana Chua

Principal, Business Innovation

Jim Clayton

Executive Vice President, New Business
LG Electronics

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Chris Downie

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Tech Life Editor/Host
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Head of Sports Segment

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Chief Brand Officer

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Paul Litchfield

Vice President of Innovation

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Director of Business Development

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Playworld Systems Inc

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Shannon Miller Lifestyle: Health and Fitness for Women

Dave Monahan

President and CEO

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Senior Director of Product Marketing

Nicole Nichols

Certified Personal Trainer

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Humana Wellness

Philo Northrup


Peter Pachal

Technology Editor

James Park

CEO and CoFounder

Robin Raskin

President and Founder
Living in Digital Times

Richard Schmelzer

CEO and Co-Founder

Josh Shaeffer

VP of Business Development

Karthik Soundar

Segment Manager, Health and Fitness
Texas Instruments

Ivo Stivoric

Vice President of Research and Development

Marco Suvilaakso

Group Director of Product Management
Polar Electro

Julie Sylvester

Fitness Tech Summit and Exhibit

Eric Taub

New York Times

Ruth Thomson

Business Development
Cambridge Consultants

Clark Weber

Sr. Director of Fitness Products

Michael Yang

Managing Director
Comcast Ventures

Denise Yohn

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