Tony is a true visionary with an inspiring talent to turn ideas into reality. With a background in Electrical Engineering, Tony’s natural entrepreneurial gift transformed his one-store business start-up into a 100+ store chain before the age of 30. He has subsequently acquired, restructured, and turned around many more businesses of much larger scale. He has been quoted in the industry as a veteran in the areas of retail, M&A, and restructuring. With his passion for innovation, he has pioneered movements in sustainable clothing, spearheaded many research and development projects in smart fabrics, and recently founded Myant – the leading company in Textile Computing. Tony’s extensive knowledge, experience, and motivational spirit contribute a positive and monumental impact on any business or project. His ability to see the invisible combined with an incredibly powerful drive make Tony capable of changing the course of humanity.

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” Joubran Khalil