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Pete Schenk is the founder and President of LifeSpan, a global brand dedicated to healthy lifestyles.

After graduating with an MBA from the University of Utah he began his career in tech at IBM. He then moved to strategic planning at American Stores, then an $18 billion grocery and drug store retailer. Living in the outdoor paradise of Park City, the desire to find meaningful balance between professional success and an active lifestyle was ever present.

An entrepreneurial spirit, paired with his passion for health and fitness, led him to found LifeSpan in 2001. The company launched its Workplace line in 2011, becoming the first company to produce professional treadmill and bike desk workstations. The move helped welcome in an era of elevated awareness on the impact of working atmospheres on employee efficiency and wellness.

Pete practices what he preaches, personally having logged thousands of minutes on his active desk. He encourages all LifeSpan employees to take the same approach and has effectively integrated activity into the company’s corporate culture. He finds fulfillment in consulting with individuals and institutions to achieve greater satisfaction, both professionally and personally, through practical activity.


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