Peter Griffith MA RCA

Peter Griffith is a creative organization leader with extensive experience in heading multidisciplinary teams in global technology companies. As CloudTag’s Chief Creative Officer, Peter will be responsible for the overall design and feel of the commercial product family which forms the basis of the consumer’s entire interaction and experience with CloudTag’s devices.

Previously Head of Phones Design at Microsoft, he has driven the creation of a coherent and impactful portfolio of industry leading products across a wide range of device types.

Prior to that he worked at Nokia where, since 2005, his teams pushed the boundaries of experience and technology, steering creative direction for some of Nokia’s best-selling devices.

As well as phones, Peter’s past work covers designing furniture, interiors, retail spaces and museums. He also finds time to enjoy photography and woodwork as well as to contribute to design education initiatives like the Design Museum’s Design Ventura Programme and Sorrell Foundation Saturday Arts Club.

Peter is an alumnus of Nottingham Trent University and the Royal College of Art, a member of the London Tech Advocates, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.