Matt Given is CEO of Intelivideo and managing director of Four Points Ventures. Intelivideo is a video-on-demand platform that specializes in helping fitness brands create video subscription channels. Matt has a 25-year track record as a technology entrepreneur as an operator, founder, and investor. He regularly shares his experiences and recipe for success at professional speaking engagements. Matt’s life resume is much more than a list of business successes. He’s an endurance sports junkie having competed in four full Ironman races, including the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, as well as many other triathlons. He’s an avid marathoner and ultra-trail runner. He claims to arrive at many, if not most, of his business breakthroughs deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, somewhere into a long, lonely run on a desolate trail or jeep road. Matt takes this ethic to his work, where he relies on a combination of inspiration and doing all of the little things right for success. Matt regularly speaks to startup teams, seasoned industry veterans, and university students, sharing his experiences and tips for success. He also writes a weekly column called Leadership Matters for and Inc Magazine.