Liz Dickinson is the Founder and CEO of Mio Global, the makers of industry-leading heart rate monitor wearables and software. Liz started the company when she noticed something was fundamentally missing from the fitness world: an easy-to-use heart rate monitoring solution without a chest strap. With no established market leader at the time, Mio launched in 1999 with a vision of bringing the most advanced wrist-based heart rate monitor technology to fitness-minded consumers.
Under Liz’s guidance, Mio has successfully developed numerous innovative products designed for heart rate training and activity monitoring, establishing distribution worldwide. Mio is now launching a ground-breaking activity metric based on heart rate – Personalized Activity Intelligence (PAI) – as well as the Mio SLICE, the first activity tracker to feature PAI. Mio continues to deliver the world’s most accurate heart rate and heart rate variability in motion and other biometric sensing capabilities, in addition to its deep R&D capabilities in machine learning and AI that will help make wearables meaningful. Today, Liz stands among the world’s most experienced leaders in heart rate monitoring technology, holding five patents and one patent pending in the fitness and sport performance categories.