Lee Jordan is an ACE Certified Health Coach, Behavior Change Specialist & Personal Trainer focusing on lifestyle-based chronic disease prevention. Lee has helped people all over the United States break the chains of obesity and live a full life through his physician-endorsed wellness program “30 Seconds to Victory™.” Leveraging years of experience as an executive with a top global IT firm he has mitigated, if not eliminated, the geographic and time barriers typically challenging fitness/wellness professionals through the use of wearable, cloud-based and portable technology.

He works as a subject-matter expert, spokesperson and industry presenter for the American Council on Exercise, the largest nonprofit health & fitness certification, education and training organization in the world communicating about lifestyle-based chronic disease prevention. You can often find Lee quoted in such publications as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Dr. Oz The Good Life, CNN, SHAPE and many others.