[imageframe style=”glow”  bordercolor=”#f6f6f6″ bordersize=”6px” stylecolor=”#000″ align=”left”]2014s_ChuaJuliana[/imageframe]Juliana Chua is Principal to Zensorium’s Business Innovation Group and lead a team to pursue Global Sales and Channels Distribution, Business Development and Strategies, Marketing and Public Relations, Product/Platform Design and Development, Legal Compliance, and Customer Service.

Founded in 2012, Zensorium is financially backed by Nitto Denko Corporation (6988:JP), the latter with a rich history since 1918. At Nitto Denko, Juliana is appointed as the lead of the Business Development and Intellectual Property Group for the Technical Centre in Singapore. Prior to joining Zensorium and Nitto Denko, Juliana held positions with Exploit Technologies (A*STAR) where she specialized in Digital Media, Network Security and Database Analytics portfolios, Spruson and Ferguson – An Intellectual Property Law Firm, and IBM UK Intellectual Property Law.

Juliana holds a Honours Degree in Computer Science from, Loughborough University in UK and a Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property from National University of Singapore Law Faculty in conjunction with Singapore Intellectual Property Academy