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Jocelyn Vigreux has been the President of TomTom, Inc. since its founding in 2002. Based out of TomTom’s North American Headquarters outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Jocelyn encourages his team to eschew the “business as usual” ethos. Throughout his tenure at TomTom, he has led by example, taking risks and spearheading innovation.

As the first U.S. employee, he was tasked with assembling an organization that could withstand stiff competition and brisk growth. With the unbridled success of the TomTom GO, the company’s first Portable Navigation Device (PND), TomTom achieved the number two position in the U.S. within eight weeks of launch. Jocelyn proved to be an exceptional leader and was consequently chosen to head the burgeoning TomTom India.

Directing TomTom India, the second largest TomTom subsidiary, Jocelyn established himself as a multi-cultural and multi-national president. As a result of Jocelyn’s guidance, TomTom India now touts a uniquely diverse environment, situated in a state of the art global infrastructure.

As a fitness enthusiast, he quickly realized the potential that TomTom’s extensive GPS technology could have on the wearable technology industry and brokered a partnership with Nike that successfully introduced TomTom to the wearables market.


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