2016 Summit Videos

/2016 Summit Videos
Say Goodbye to the Couch Potato @ FitnessTech Summit CES 20162016-08-17T19:49:45+00:00
Integrated Solutions @ FitnessTech Summit CES 20162016-08-17T19:47:44+00:00
Counting Everything Else @ FitnessTech Summit CES 20162016-08-17T19:45:06+00:00
Connecting the Dots @ FitnessTECH Summit CES 20162016-08-17T19:44:05+00:00
Out of the Office @ FitnessTECH Summit CES 20162016-08-17T19:42:39+00:00
Dr Riann Conradie @ FitnessTECH Summit CES 20162016-08-17T19:41:33+00:00
Connected Health and Fitness @ FitnessTECH Summit CES 20162016-08-17T19:39:50+00:00
Victory and Technology @ FitnessTech Summit CES 20162016-08-17T19:37:50+00:00