Innovations In Fitness Gadgets At CES 2012

/Innovations In Fitness Gadgets At CES 2012

Innovations In Fitness Gadgets At CES 2012

At CES 2012 we saw numerous gadgets and technologies being unveiled. For some companies, it was their regular appearance, while for some it was their first like Valencell, a start-up company from Raleigh, North Carolina . Valencell showcased their new set of earbuds that would monitor a wide range of fitness related data like heart rate, VO2 max levels, etc. and send the details to the user’s smartphones. Valencell has been in talks with various earbud manufacturing companies and we could possibly have them by the later part of this month while another model would be launched by spring.

Like Valencell, some other companies have also taken advantage of smartphone connectivity which allows them to integrate sensors into devices while making them both cheap and smaller in size. Manufacturers believe that a lot of stuffs depend on the iPhone or the Android device which the user uses as they are relieved of the duties of integrating a display into the monitoring device itself. They can now manufacture devices which just have to connect to an app and rest of the information are handled by the smartphone.

Dexcom, a glucose monitoring device manufacturer, is working towards integrating Ant+ on Seven Plus (a sensor used to attach to abdomen for glucose monitoring purpose) to enable users to keep a check on glucose levels throughout the day on their smartphones.

Recently Adidas had also similar gadget, the miCoach Speed_Cell, which can track movement of players in every possible direction, storing and transmitting data of seven hours wirelessly to any smartphone or computers. These sort of innovations have always interested fitness enthusiasts who love technology to be in every part of their life.