Sports and Fitness technology is no longer emerging; it is here. No longer the sole province of professional and Olympic athletes, creative entrepreneurs in the past few years have brought this technology to the general public. In order to achieve success in the sporting and fitness world, the athlete and team without technology is at a distinct disadvantage. But fitness is no longer just for the athlete, it is increasingly becoming a priority for everyone. Whether you are a company creating technology to keep people fit, a corporation looking for solutions that benefit employees, or someone just interested in this booming market, the Sports, Fitness and Outdoor Tech Summit will bring you up to date on what is happening now and what to expect in the not too distant future.

Evolving Faster Than the Speed of Light

The Sports and Fitness Conference, like the industry itself, is ever evolving. As January quickly approaches, these are some of the issues in today’s sports and fitness tech industry that we will be addressing.

Wearable Tech: Function Meets Fashion
Whether practical or aesthetic, fitness technology is becoming fashionable, and fashion is becoming technical. We take a look at how “what we wear” is changing and look forward to a time when one without the other will seem inconceivable.

Let’s Move on Childhood Obesity
Millions of devices are already being used by adults, but the kids also need to foster healthy behavior. Keeping kids safe, engaged and active while keeping their parents, teachers and coaches informed within a safe COPPA compliance Internet world is key.

Mobile Matrimony: Building an Ecosystem
The Data is in. There are hundreds of fitness devices to choose from. The winners are the ones who mix technology with a supportive community.

Trimming the Fat in Corporate America
As companies struggle to maintain employee benefits, some are becoming proactive and partnering with digital fitness pioneers in creating a corporate environment that motivates and encourages fitness everyday. A discussion of partnerships where truly everyone benefits.

Technology & Outdoor Fitness is a huge trend this year among outdoor gear manufacturers. Everyone from the North Face to Columbia to Marmot are now making apparel designed to mesh to durability and strength of outdoor gear with the flexibility, breathability and light weight that is the hallmark of fitness clothing It’s an exciting new market filled with potential for makers of GPS, solar power, activity monitoring, hydration monitoring tech, as well as countless other categories. This panel will explore these adaptations and dis