2013 Agenda

///2013 Agenda
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LVCC, North Hall – N250

Time Session Title Session Description
9:30am-9:50am The State of Sports and Fitness Technology Sports and fitness technology has matured and gone mainstream.
We set the stage for the market’s future and look back at the
meteoric rise of the sports/fitness high-tech industry.
Presenter: Jennifer Jolly, Host, USA Today Tech Now
9:55am-10:45am Our Bodies, Our Data We can now measure everything we consume and expend in
our bodies. There’s talk of Body Area Networks and calibrations
at the cellular level. Are you ready for the “we are our own
computers” movement?
Moderator: Eric Adams, Senior Editor, Men’s Health
Panelists: Steven LeBoeuf, President and CEO, Valencell, Inc.
John (Ivo) Stivoric, CTO and VP, New Products, BodyMedia
Mike Stashak, Vice President  of Sales and Marketing, Wahoo Fitness
Marco Suvilaakso, Group Director of Products, Polar Electro
10:50am-11:30am Tips from Celeb Trainers  on Using Tech Celebrity fitness trainers dish about how they use technology to
motivate, guide and shape their clients. Does adding technology
improve results? How do they determine what tech is valuable
and what’s hype?
Moderator: Jennifer Jolly, Host, USA Today Tech Now
Panelists: Tom Holland, Team Holland
Nicole Nichols, Managing Editor, Spark People
Ben Collins, Professional Triathlete
11:40am-12:10pm Luncheon Keynote:
Casting a Wider Net
How has tech widened the sports net? Fitness technology has
created advances in sports medicine and pushed the notion of high-tech fitness aid to the forefront.  Retired WWE wrestling personality, Chris Nowinski talks about how technology is being used to increase the safety of athletes of all ages
Keynote: Christopher Nowinksi, Founder & Executive Director, Sports Legacy Institue
12:20pm-1:05pm It Takes a Village Creating a sports or fitness product can be a lonely venture.
We explore the branding opportunity, partnerships and other
cooperative efforts that can increase the likelihood of success.
Moderator: Steven Morris, President, Mth Degree
Panelists: Christine Robins, CEO, BodyMedia
Chris Downie, Founder and CEO, Spark People
Jay Moore, Vice President, Marketing, Looxcie
Dave Monahan, CEO, FitLinxx
Dr. Samir Damani, CEO, MD Revolution
1:15pm-2:05pm Does Sharing Keep you More Fit: Crowdsourcing,
Community and Fitness
Video games, gamification, rewards, donations, competition —
how is the market motivating you to move? With all the body
monitors, pedometers and calorie counters out there, what does it
take to set your product apart from the crowd?
Moderator: Aaron Boulding, Senior Editor, Buzz Media
Panelists: James Park, CEO, Fitbit
Rich Schmelzer
, CEO, GeoPalz

Josh Shaeffer, Vice President of Business Development, Runtastic

Albert Lee, Co- founder, My Fitness Pal

2:00pm-2:55pmHigh-Tech vs. High-TouchWhat is the real motivation behind the wearable monitors? While
they attempt to be your personal coach, nutritionist, trainer and
friend, can devices really modify health and attitudes? Moderator:Denise Yohn, President and Consulting Partner, Denise Lee Yohn, Inc. Panelists:Jef Holove, CEO, BASIS Science
Isaiah Kacyvenski, Head of Sports Segment Licensing and Business Development, MC10, Inc.
Rick Wenner, Category Manager, Health and Fitness, Scosche Industries
Woody Scal, Chief Revenue Officer, Fitbit
Shane Luke, Vice President Of Product Management, Recon Instruments
3:00pm-3:40pmFitpicks: Which products Get to Market and WhyExpert brand marketer Denise Lee Yohn interviews Ian Andes, President of 4 iiis about the best tips for bringing your product to market. What’s the next big thing in this explosive market, and who’s the next big star? What does it take to win in this market? Interviewer: Denise Yohn, President and Consulting Partner, Denise Lee Yohn, Inc. Interviewee: Ian Andes, President, 4iiii Innovations
3:45pm-4:15pmClosing Keynote:Picking the winners how investments get made in the sports and fitness world. Keynote:Michael Yang, Managing Director, Comcast Ventures
4:15pm-4:45pm“NEXT?”Who are the new players on the field? We let some of the
top newcomers show us their stuff. What will be the next
“must-have” gadget? Presenters: Bruce Borenstein, Principal, North Riverside Partners
Robert Kaplan, VP of Sales, Currie Technologies
Peter Kuhar, Founder and CTO, Azumio
Richard Tate, Director of Communications and Marketing, HopeLabs
Marc Askenasi, CEO & Founder, Sofit Mobile
Ben Wagner, CEO, Life Kraze
Julia Hu, CEO & Founder, LARK