Technology can now make your workouts and outdoor activities more fun, safer and more effective. Whether you’re summiting K2, taking a leisurely bike ride, diving in deep seas or watching your caloric intake, fitness has gone high tech. These sessions focus on exciting innovations for the sports enthusiast and personal fitness buff. See some of the coolest gadgets, celebrities and adventurers in the world; and find your place in this multibillion-dollar market.
LVCC Room N256
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Session Description
9-9:40 am
Adventure Travel and Sports
We know where you are! Location-based technologies free us to take chances we might otherwise not, they let us communicate our whereabouts to friends and they create social networks of like-minded enthusiasts. We talk with the creators of some of the coolest locators around.
Moderator: Julie Sylvester, Co-Producer, Living in Digital Times
Panelist: Dan Eisenhardt, CEO, Recon Instruments Inc.
Aleksandar Ristic, CEO, gobandit GmbH
9:45-10:30 am
Untethered Fitness
Mobile Devices and their apps are changing the way we work out. Getting us out of the gym and on the road. Our panel of experts will tell us why their devices are giving us more bang for our buck and why “no pain no gain” is an outdated philosophy.
Moderator: Jennifer Jolly, Tech Lifestyle Editor, Early Show
Panelist: Jef Holove, CEO, BASIS Science
Paul Nicholson, Senior Director, Companion Products Global Marketing
Ivo Stivoric, CTO & VP of New Products, BodyMedia
Rick Wenner, Category Manager, Health and Fitness, Scosche Industries
10:30-11:00 am
Jillian Michaels Sports and Fitness Tech Opening Keynote
Jillian Michaels, America’s leading health and wellness expert known for her work on hit TV shows and regular TV appearances, is a new endorser of BodyMedia FIT’s body monitoring technology. She has also launched her own program with BodyMedia, the Jillian Michaels 360° Weight Loss Navigator. Jillian is an advocate of utilizing technology to support weight loss goals. Don’t miss this grand kickoff to the day.
Moderator: Jillian Michaels, BodyMedia Partner/Endorser, BodyMedia
11:05-11:40 am
Athletes & Weekend Warriors
Maybe you’re Peyton Manning and then again, maybe you’re not. No excuse for not getting those endorphins flowing. By bike or by sea, by hook or by crook, these panelists are going to get you pumped.
Learn how they’ve incorporated the latest technology and how they get their message out to athletes casual and committed.
Moderator: Aaron Boulding, President, Xperience Entertainment
Panelist: Corey Cornacchio, National Sales Manager – New Business Development, Polar Electro
Jay Fiedler, Owner, JBF Consulting
John Hamann, CEO, Velocomp/iBike
Opher Pail, President, Fitness Technologies, Inc.
11:45-12:05 pm
Workouts with Precision: Gesture Recognition and Body Tracking Today and Tomorrow
It’s not about how much you exercise, but about how precisely you perform each movement.Measuring the quality of a movement requires real-time benchmarking and reporting, along with continuous feedback. Omek Interactive VP of Marketing Shaheen Kazi looks at some of the most innovative sports/fitness applications incorporating gesture recognition and body tracking.
Panelist: Kazi Shaheen, Vice President, Marketing, Omek Interactive
12:10 – 1:05 pm
It’s Not Just Tech, It’s about Aspiration
Tech is not the sell, lifestyle is. Meet a panel of athletes, consumer trend experts, journalists and executives who really “get it.”
Moderator: Denise Yohn, President/Consulting Partner, Denise Lee Yohn, Inc.
Panelist: Dr. Steven LeBoeuf, President & CEO, Valencell, Inc
Justin McCarthy, Media Relations, Garmin International
Jim Minarik, Chairman and CEO of DEI Holdings, Inc., and CEO of Polk Audio
James Park, CEO, Fitbit
Rich Schmelzer, CEO/Co-Founder,  GeoPalz
1:05-1:30 pm
Sports and Fitness Tech Closing Keynote
It’s a surprise!