Beyond Step Counting: Start Counting the Days Until We Reveal What’s New at CES FitnessTech 2017

CES 2017 opened new doors—literally—for more than 90 companies in the FitnessTech and Sports arena. The FitnessTech Marketplace at the front of CES Tech West was its usual packed destination, as industry titans shared the floor with start-ups and other cutting edge companies, showcasing the newest in fitness innovation.

The FitnessTech Conference kicked off Day One of CES 2017 with everything from a lively wrap up of the 2016 Olympics featuring, amongst others, Halo Neuroscience, Vert and Polar, to the invasion of AR and VR into the fitness world led by such innovators as Peloton and ICAROS. Valencell introduced a discussion into the explosion of “hearables,” how sensors in the ear are being used in both fitness and sports, which then moved the conference into demonstrations of “enhanced wearables” of every sort.

Cedric Hutchins, VP of the brand new Digital Health department at Nokia, threw down the gauntlet to figure out how we can “gather as much information in a moment for our users… we are currently on the 5 yard line;” while Amy McDonough of Fitbit and Craig Hankins of UnitedHealthcare discussed the burgeoning market and partnerships in “Group Fitness and Health” and what is happening in the industry “beyond those 10,000 steps”.

Attendees to the show floor experienced how to run farther, jump higher and aspire to peak performance, and which companies and technologies were making it happen. While Under Armour‘s Kevin Plank was a feature CES keynote speaker upstairs, their space on the show floor was hosting larger-than-life athletes including Michael Phelps and Bryce Harper. And while Tom Brady was still been playing football, Under Armour debuted a large screen video of him sleeping in his brand new athletic recovery pajamas!

As it is every year, the floor was electric with energy, innovation and excitement as the Fitness and Sports industry continues to lead in technological innovation, not only for the competitive athlete, but for the colossal emerging consumer market as well.

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