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A Few of My Favorite Tech Products

I have the opportunity to review a lot of different technology products and I tend to put them into one of three categories. First, there are those products that really impress me and make me thankful for living in the Digital Age. The second category is made up of some useful and fun tech products that aren’t very original, but enjoyable. The third category includes tech products that are poorly made, unoriginal or serve no purpose.

Media, Marketers and Shaq Hit CES

Earlier this month, media and marketing execs joined nearly 170,000 tech nerds in Las Vegas for CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics showcase organized by the Consumer Technology Association. Here, just a sampling of the panels and parties that made waves.

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Top 10 Health Devices at CES 2017

In addition to catering to the many consumers who are trying to better their physical and mental well-being as a part of their New Year’s resolutions, these CES health devices aim to improve life for athletes, those recovering from accidents and people living with disabilities.

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Amazon at CES – Taking Over Home Automation

Amazon Echo was the elephant in the room this year at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Amazon itself had no booth and no presence at the show. However, the Echo, Amazon’s cloud-connected, voice-activated artificial intelligence device was everywhere. Alexa is the voice of the Amazon Echo. The Echo was available in very limited quantities by invitation only early in 2015. It became widely available on June 23, 2015.

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Technology helped me through the emotional roller coaster of CES

Humans love to control how they feel. Booze and coffee have been perking us up and lubricating social situations for millennia. Mood-enhancing technology, on the other hand, usually tries to emulate a cup of joe or a glass of wine but without the need for rinsing your liver. I’m generally OK with pumping chemicals into my body, but with a few mood-changing gadgets catching my eye in the run-up to this year’s CES, I thought I’d give some a go. The hope was that I could avoid the usual uppers-and-downers routine that a week in Vegas demands.

Amazon’s Alexa won the CES battle, but faces a tough war

Amazon’s Alexa voice agent has been the biggest surprise hit for the mammoth online retailer since it moved into the cloud storage business with Amazon Web Services. Alexa showed up at CES 2017 in full force. As Larry Dignan notes, the agent picked up friends in high places, including Ford, Whirlpool, Dish Network, Huawei, Hyundai, Mattel, Lenovo, LG, Samsung and ADT.

The Best New Tech Of 2017

We saw a lot of cool new tech products at CES this year. We also saw a lot of sad, misguided stuff that no doubt cost hundreds of thousands—in some cases, likely millions—of dollars to develop. A few that come to mind: a $10,000 massage chair seemingly inspired by a Lamborghini Gallardo, a gigantic laundry-folding closet that takes well over a minute to fold a T-shirt, and something called the E-Dong—none of us can remember what that last one actually did.

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Fitness Tech Summit

Julie Sylvester (producer): Fitness Tech has had a meteoric rise. Gifting of fitness trackers over the last Christmas  hit a 60% increase on precious year.

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Wearables Double Down on Fashion at CES to Cling to Relevancy

As tech searches for the next big thing, wearables, besides items like Fitbit, really haven’t caught on as some companies had hoped. Certainly smartwatches haven’t gained much traction and according to tech consulting firm Endeavor Partners, over 50 percent of wearable users ditch their gadgets six months after they get them.

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The Top Smartwatches Of CES 2017

CES 2017 is in full swing over in Las Vegas and wearable tech – in particular new smartwatches – has definitely been one of the main themes of the show.

We’ve seen not only Android Wear smartwatches from traditional watch companies and sports brands; but hard-core smart running watches too. There’s also been a completely new smartwatch platform unveiled and fashion-conscious hybrid analogue timepieces too.

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Fitbit announces three new partnerships as part of its ‘Works with Fitbit’ program

In this modern age, there are plenty of fitness apps, websites, and devices helping to keep us healthy. The problem is that these products don’t always talk to one another, making things more complicated than they should be.

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Putting People In The Tech Picture At CES 2017

Between fake news, hacked shopping sites, and the fragility of the Internet of Things, we’re starting to hear from consumers who are a bit skittish about the connected lifestyle. Nestled among the fabulous tech at CES’s Tech West, Living in Digital Times’ conferences, events and marketplaces are designed to provide a consumer-directed experience highlighting how this year’s new products fit in the the context of a lifestyle.

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