Beyond Step Counting: Start Counting the Days Until We Reveal What’s New at CES Fitness Tech 2017

Fitness Technology is not just about fitness anymore! And the business of staying fit is in better shape than ever. Fitness monitoring is booming. Adopted early on by athletes in their constant pursuit of maximum performance and competitive advantage, it’s now been adopted by many who have a newfound awareness that the human body benefits from a good tune up.

The “quantified self” is now a part of the modern lexicon. Everyone from doctors to caregivers, pregnant women to the elderly, kids and their pets, are jumping on board the fitness tech wagon.
Tomorrow’s cutting edge tools and ideas will come from the core of the fitness industry. Smaller and more novel form factors, interoperable systems, more accurate data gathering and new algorithms allow us to take what were once crude and inaccurate fitness tools into a new generation of connected wares. Gathering data from virtually anywhere on the human body– your wrist, feet, ears breath and brain — we’re learning to paint a complete picture of highly complex human systems.

This year at CES you’ll hear from fitness tech pioneers, athletes, trainers, retailers and analysts, all working to enhance the fitness arena. We’ll look at the new generation of wearables born from fitness tech. Shirts, socks, shoes, jewelry – almost anything- can now be utilized to gather data and enhance our lives both practically and for pleasure. We’ll look at how emerging areas like AI,VR and AR are being used by today’s cutting edge fitness buffs in everything from sports rehab, to motivation to making super-bio athletes.

In 2017, FitnessTech will expand into a new location on the CES show floor where you can experience this year’s cutting edge tools in the FitnessTech industry. In this Olympic year, we’ll be bringing our best ideas and innovation to show you how to train like a champion. So get yourselves in shape to look at the top issues in Fitness Technology.

The FitnessTech Summit and Marketplace at CES 2017:

The most active and engaging location at CES. New topics include:

  • What’s newest in fitness gear?
  • How are the big players keeping on top of the burgeoning market?
  • How do we move from a piece of gear to a complete fitness system?
  • What advances in technology and nutrition are helping?
  • How are the gyms adapting to the high tech arena?
  • What’s new in high tech physical therapy and sports rehabilitation?
  • Which startups are getting it right?
  • How is fitness entering the workplace?
  • What’s the role of community, social networking and social good campaigns?
  • How E-sports and exergaming are changes the market?
  • How are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality joining in the fitness revolution?

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