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Welcome to FitnessTech, the pioneer of the quantified self movement, and a look at the ongoing world of innovation and technological revolution where the human body takes center stage.

Why Should You Be There:

Originally the domain of elite athletes, fitness tech has quickly evolved into a way of life for the average consumer and for the ecosystem of trainers, coaches, adventurers, gym facilities and even the medical profession.

No longer the province of the simple step-counting, fitness technology continues to lead in the quest for “self knowledge,” as start-ups and major corporations alike compete to lead the ongoing evolution.

In 2016 you’ll see some notable changes. Fitness tracking has been incorporated into apparel of all sorts. Everything from galvanic skin response to blood oxygen levels, from your emotional state to your lung capacity, from geo-location to active advice on how to succeed has been incorporated into tiny new devices.


The new generation of nearly invisible fitness solutions, the use of augmented and virtual realities for fitness, the new gym and coaching experience, the collaborative fitness movement. You’ll see how major organizations are working to verify and validate the results of this year’s fitness equipment. You’ll hear about sleep and nutrition and hear from some of the world’s top fitness experts.


Whether you’re learning how to sell the new fitness wearables across multichannels, incorporate them into corporate wellness programs, coach and train, or create the next greatest wearable product, FitnessTech Summit is the most energetic place you can think of learning. Hot on this year’s list are the inclusion of new technologies like haptics, augmented and virtual reality, new battery technologies and nearly invisible modular technologies that are populating today’s fitness devices.


Past speakers have included everyone from the US Health Department to Jillian Michaels, from football stars to pro climbers and bikers. From designers at the top of their fields and from companies including Misfit, Polar, Jawbone, Fitbit, UnderArmour, Reebok, Adidas and Nike to name a few.

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