2014 Summit Videos

When Big Sports Companies Meet Emerging Technology

Opening Keynote

Adidas is no stranger to sports and fitness but taking a 65 year old […]

Analyze That: What Do Algorithms Have to Do With It?

To the consumer, it’s a gadget worn for personal assessment, but behind the scenes, algorithms […]

WalterTalks-The First Tricorder is Here

Walter De Brouwer, Founder and CEO of Scanadu and founding member of TEDglobal talks about […]

Wearable Tech: Function Meets Fashion

Fitness devices run the spectrum of function and fashion. Increasingly the two are coming together […]

Technology & Outdoor Fitness

Technology is now a huge trend among outdoor gear manufacturers. Everyone from The North […]

Creating Aspirations: Reebok’s Pump and other status symbols

Paul Litchfield, creator of the pump and Vice President of Advanced Concepts for Reebok, will […]

One On One with James Park, CEO Fitbit

James Park, CEO of Fitbit, sits down with Mashable’s Pete Pachal to discuss how the […]

Trimming the Fat in Corporate America

Imagine the day when your employer pays you to stay healthy. As companies struggle to […]

Fostering a Fitness Community Ecosystem

The data is in. While there are hundreds of fitness devices from which to choose, […]

Motivation, Gamification, Engagement

Play 60 and Let’s Move help to foster healthy behavior among the younger generation but […]

Battle of the Bands

Five of the top fitness bands compete in this round robin session, presenting to prove […]

Shannon Miller, Balancing Act

Shannon Miller is the most decorated gymnast in American history. Subsequently, she has become one […]